My kitchen back home – home home, where my parents live in Ohio – is pretty much perfect. It has gorgeous wooden cabinets, a spacious pantry, a dishwasher (one of those things you always take for granted until you have to live without it), and a long counter that’s perfect for food prep and quick weekday breakfasts. My kitchen here in New York, my first real kitchen to call my own, is…smaller. Uglier. And the appliances are more temperamental – my oven runs 50 degrees cooler than the setting on the knob and the top shelf of my fridge is always as cold as my freezer no matter how I change the temperature settings.

They’re two very different kitchens, but both of them feel like home to me. The former, because I’ve spent 10 years cooking, baking, and eating in it, and the latter, because I’ve begun to fill it with my own memories.

These are some of my favorite items in my kitchen that make me feel at home.

For starters, this vintage cross-stitch that I picked up at a flea market:

Vintage Cross Stitch


I have nothing against fine china, but kitschy, patterned kitchenware is just so much more appealing to me.

Quirky Kitchenware

Minimalism is overrated

This is actually one of the greatest things I own, along with a Spock tea saucer. It’s from one of my favorite stores on Etsy.

Mr. T

I pity the fool who doesn’t buy one of these.

Can’t live without my cookbooks. The internet and it’s endless supply of baking blogs is great, but nothing can ever replace cooking from a physical book for me. I love turning the pages, jotting down notes in the margins, and getting stains all over my favorite recipes.


Notice the ratio of baking books to actual cookbooks…

I have a serious obsession with cookie cutters. I just cannot stop buying them. Williams-Sonoma makes the best themed ones – their Star Wars ones are insanely detailed.

Cookie Cutters

My drawer of cookie cutters

The Kitchenaid, of course. Without it, my baking life would be so much harder, though I’m sure I’d have some seriously toned arms.


Bless you, Greenville, Ohio

Last, but certainly not least, my aprons. I love my frilly retro housewife apron, but nothing will ever beat my Batman one.

Batman Apron

Baking – for justice!