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Comfort food at it’s finest: banana muffins.

Banana Muffins


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To sum up these muffins: “they’re like big bready Gushers.” Except better, because they don’t all stick together into a big lump like Gushers. They’re a great breakfast muffin – the raspberry jam is a nice little surprise and adds some sweetness to an otherwise plain muffin.

These were the first muffins I made from the book, and I forgot to take pictures, but they were adorable and you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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These marshmallows. THESE MARSHMALLOWS.

Okay, back up. So after I made those vanilla marshmallows, I got really excited and bought the book. It’s incredible and I highly recommend it, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t usually buy specialty cookbooks. I’m already planning March (Marshmallow) Madness, mainly because the book has a blank bracket for you to fill out, so this is totally going to be a thing.

Back to these marshmallows. They are crazy addictive, as in, I’m going to force myself to bring these in to work tomorrow so that I don’t eat them all.

Fluffernutter Marshmallows

Hello, beautiful

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Can we talk about butter? And how amazing and beautiful and miraculous it is? Because it is all of those things and more. I’ve been interested in homemade butter since elementary school, when I read the Little House on the Prairie books, but I always figured it was something you could only do with a butter churn. Thank you, Google, for showing me that that is not the case.

Can we also talk about Mason jars? And how useful they are? I know they’ve reached a saturation point by now, but they really do live up to the hype. They’re great for canning and making single serving oatmeal, cake, and also, apparently, butter.

Basically, what you do is pour heavy cream into a jar and shake the ever loving shit out of it. It’s a great arm workout since it’s essentially the concept behind the Shake Weight, except instead of just looking stupid and working out your arms, you look stupid and tone your arms AND get butter out of it. Victory: you.

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When it comes to baking, I try to stay pretty low-tech. My favorite recipes come from stained, well-read cookbooks, and my most-used kitchen utensil is my trusty wooden spoon (no offense, Kitchenaid). But cooking blogs just keep getting better and better, and it’s nice to be able to read reviews of recipes before trying them out. There are a handful of online resources that I use to make life in the kitchen easier: Springpad, IFTTT, and ChefTap.

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You know how sometimes you have a slice of bread that’s so good that you eat the entire loaf in one sitting? This is that kind of bread.

Soaking the raisins in liquid, preferably overnight, is key. I do this any time I bake with raisins and it takes them to a whole new level. They get outrageously plump and soft and I always add some dark rum to give it a little kick. They’re raisins, AMPLIFIED! Extreme raisins! None of that dry, wrinkly bullshit.

In short, make this bread. Eat boozy raisins. Enjoy life.

Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

Pepperidge Farm ain’t go nothing on this bread

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So last Friday the 10th was National S’mores Day, so of course I chose S’mores Muffins to bring into work the Monday after. I went the ambitious route and made my own marshmallows and graham crackers because GO BIG OR GO HOME, right? That pretty much sums up my philosophy on baking, along with, you can never have too much cinnamon.

S'mores Muffins

They look so much like ugly little planets that I half expected the Little Prince and his rose to pop up on one of them

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