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To say that I am indecisive would be an incredible understatement. I typically go through four outfits in the morning before I decide on what I want to wear (it’s usually the one I picked out first) and shopping is an all-day marathon. I spend as much time in the baking aisle poring over different types of flour as I do the cookbook aisle of a bookstore. It gets exponentially worse when it comes to baking. If I had spent half as much time studying when I was in college as I did researching recipes and planning menus, I would have graduated in two years with a 4.0.

This morning, my indecision reared its ugly head over a bag of almost black, perfect for baking bananas. Which is how I ended up with mini muffins, donuts, and loaves for breakfast. Because why bake just one thing when you can bake three tiny things?

Banana Bread Three Ways

Mini mini banana muffins, mini donuts, and mini loaves

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Sometimes, shit happens and it’s your fault or maybe it’s not, but it doesn’t really matter because either way, you gotta just man up and deal with it. Chocolate chip cookies are the perfect apology cookie because they’re comforting, everyone loves them, and they’re a cinch to make.

This is a chewy version (which is totally the best version, no offense to those of you who like crispy or cakey cookies) that is guaranteed to put you back in the good graces of whoever you’re apologizing to. I would even go so far as to say that people probably wouldn’t mind if you’re an asshole as long as you bake these cookies. In fact, you might even be able to get away with being an asshole in exchange for these cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Be still my beating heart

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If actual coffee tasted like these muffins, I would have an IV drip of it attached to my arm at all times. But it doesn’t, so I won’t, which is probably for the better, because injecting coffee directly into the bloodstream is probably a terrible idea.

You won’t get your entire caffeine fix from these muffins, but there’s enough of a subtle coffee taste that you might be able to trick your brain into thinking so.

Cappuccino Muffins

Have your coffee and eat it too

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I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t drink coffee. I’m impervious to the effects of caffeine and the taste is unbearable to me (the smell, though, I am addicted to), so why bother? I do own a French press, though. I use it to make hash browns.

These marshmallows made me wish I drank coffee though. A mocha marshmallow in a steaming cup of coffee? Suddenly Monday doesn’t seem so bad.

Mocha Marshmallows

Who says you can’t have marshmallows for breakfast?

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These really don’t need any introduction, especially after my long-winded ramble¬†about how they changed my life. These aren’t my grandmother’s cinnamon rolls – they’re my own, and they’re a perfect way to start your morning, especially on this rainy post-holiday Tuesday.

Cinnamon Roll

Good morning, indeed

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So I was at Broadway Panhandler a while ago and saw The Cherry Chomper. It’s so adorable and I considered buying it, but then I thought, when am I ever going to pit cherries, right, right?! Ha ha, WRONG.

My kitchen looked like a crime scene, or perhaps Dexter’s lab, after all this pitting. No, not that Dexter, this Dexter. These muffins were super tasty and the chopped cherries added the perfect burst of flavor, so I should probably just give in and get that Cherry Chomper after all.

And I guess I forgot to take a picture of these, probably because I was too busy cleaning cherry entrails out from underneath my fingernails.

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Summer is basically officially over, so what better way to send it off than with these deliciously summer muffins?

Peaches and Cream Muffins

In case you get sick of making pies

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