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One of my biggest milestones in adulthood was the moment I began to appreciate fancy cheeses, namely, those of the French variety. There’s something incredibly (maybe pathetically) satisfying about pulling together a cheese platter that doesn’t involve cubes of cheddar and monterey jack (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those).

Ready for not, adulthood – HERE I COME.

It’s doubly fancy because it says President AND it has the French accent aigu over the e.

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Not wedding cookies.

These four cookies took me about 8 hours. I wish I were exaggerating.

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It’s officially fall!! This is truly my favorite season – the one I wait all year for. My obsession with apples is now at an all-time high, and these muffins are loaded with tart Granny Smiths. Carrots and cranberries really ramp up the fall flavors, making these the perfect healthy counterpart to last week decadent caramel muffins.

These are so healthy I can hardly stand it

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Yesterday was an off-day in the kitchen. You know the kind – where you spill things and burn a sauce and add too much butter (even though there’s really no such thing) to your recipe.

This was the only thing that made it out of my kitchen unscathed, thankfully. These definitely don’t count as muffins anymore, not with that caramel sauce. I also may or may not have cut out the tops and scooped some caramel inside the muffins as a filling…

(ironic but also kind of serious) #YOLO

Sure, you could omit the caramel sauce and keep these healthy, but life is too short to not eat caramel for breakfast

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I know it’s only the beginning of September, and according to the forecast, it’s supposed to hit 90 this week in New York, but I’m more than ready for fall. My boots are all lined up in my closet, my jackets have come out of storage, and I’ve got a couple pounds of apples in the fridge, just waiting to be cooked down with cinnamon.

These muffins mark the beginning of fall baking season – here’s to crisp apples and spicy cinnamon.

Muffins with a hint of apple pie

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Can we take a moment to appreciate the word guava? I’m not even talking about the taste of the fruit, just the word itself. Somehow, the most random hodge-podge of letters (I mean, when’s the last time you saw a g and a v together?) form such a great sounding word – guaaavvvaaaa. My English nerd is showing, but I can’t help it! I really love words, and guava is a great one.

Guava, where have you been all my life?

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