Not wedding cookies.

These four cookies took me about 8 hours. I wish I were exaggerating.

One of my co-workers is leaving for her wedding and honeymoon soon, so of course, I had to bake her something special – bride and groom cookies! I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and royal icing.

The workstation

These cookies took hours upon hours, but they were worth every second. I wanted them to look as much like her dress as possible, so I drew the shapes on cardboard and cut out the dough from the template.

You know it’s getting serious when tweezers are involved

Her dress actually has lace accents, but there was no way I could pipe such tiny lace, so I used sparkly sugar instead, and used tweezers to apply them individually, because why do things the easy way when you could do them the hard way?


And the bottom of her dress has these gorgeous rufflely layers, which I attempted to mimic with an offset spatula.

All in all, they turned out so much better than I could have hoped. I’m just glad she’s not on one of those starve yourself pre-wedding diets!

The second dress doesn’t have sprinkles because I was lazy