Monthly Archives: November 2013

The really awesome thing about getting older is realizing how pathetically little I know about the world. Specifically food. Apparently there are different types of persimmons and of course, the kind that I bought is the kind that is notorious for being really bitter and astringent when they’re not fully ripe. The more you know!

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Apparently 2013 is the year I eat my words – quite literally. Despite my self-proclaimed love for gluten, this was the year I got really good at and started to really appreciate gluten-free baking. And despite my borderline-unhealthy obsession with butter and eggs (okay, there’s nothing borderline about it), I’m starting to really fall in love with vegan baking, thanks to these muffins.

Vegan cranberry orange muffins

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I forgot how much I love making and eating cinnamon rolls until I made these for a work potluck, and now I kind of want to make them all the time. Maybe it’s time for Cinnamon Roll Sunday to go along with Muffin Monday? And then Sugar Coma Tuesday… And then a trip to the dentist on Wednesday. Sounds like my kind of week!

No, I didn’t add noise in Photoshop – they’re sprinkled with ground coarse sugar

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If I had to pick one baked good to make for the rest of my life, it would probably be banana muffins. More than anything else, banana muffins are an emotional food for me – I remember making them as a kid and being fascinated by the tiny, veiny threads from the bananas. That was (and still is) one of my favorite things about them, those thin threads that distinguish them from other muffins. Thanks for looking out for us, banana, and making sure we don’t accidentally pick up a boring plain muffin.

Don’t be fooled – these little bites are full of banana flavor

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Aaaand Muffin Mondays are back!

So I took a little break. Quit my job, took a week off and did absolutely nothing (which was the greatest thing ever), and then started a new job – you know, life stuff. I actually don’t understand what happened here and how it’s been a month since my last post – I swear it was just October and I was planning pumpkin spiced everything (yes, I am one of those people) and now it’s mid-November and peppermint is everywhere. I can’t keep up!!

Instead of going with a seasonal flavor for this week’s muffin, I went with something that’s perfect for breakfast – espresso and chocolate! And now I’m going to go stuff my face with these and pretend like the year isn’t almost over.

Mocha muffins

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