It takes a certain level of precision to write with icing, I’ve learned, and it’s a level I have definitely not quite reached yet. There’s nothing like the feeling of betrayal that comes from trying to pipe a straight line and then having your hand shake the entire time.  And it’s also really fun to realize that your inability to write in a straight line on regular paper also carries over to cookies. The “merry and bright” cookie has such a slant it’s practically italics! New Year’s resolution: work on my penmanship.

As always, these are my favorite sugar cookie recipe with royal icing. I made them for a white elephant party at work, so I tried to make some of them non-denominational. I actually ended up googling “holiday greetings” but most of them were super wordy, so I pulled in some song lyrics instead. Close enough.

These just might be my favorite decorated sugar cookies yet – my wrist is still in pain from all the piping, but I’m really digging the look of the typography cookies and might have just found my new baking obsession.

Happy Holidays!