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It was officially Christmas in July a few days ago, and the weather must have gotten the memo, because it was in the 60s and, dare I say it, slightly nippy, here in New York. Naturally, I made a whole slew of festive treats, including these addictive caramels. Thank goodness I had a leftover box of candy canes from last December.

This is what happens when you combine heavy cream and candy canes overnight

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It’s the last week of Marshmallow Madness, and we’ve got a pretty great match-up: margarita and cookies ‘n cream.

Marshmallow madness round 4

Margarita vs. cookies ‘n cream

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For round three, we’ve got a fruity mashup – strawberries against pineapple-rosemary. In retrospect, I wish I had added some basil to the strawberry mallows for a more exotic flavor, but oh well, shoulda coulda woulda.

With spring just around the corner (finally, am I right? I feel like this winter has been particularly Narnia-esque, before Aslan saved the day), I decided to roll these in pastel sanding sugar to give them a nice crunch. Like Peeps, except way, way better.

Marshmallow madness round 3

Strawberry vs. pineapple-rosemary

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For round two, we’ve got a favorite childhood flavor – that bright, almost neon red of the Tropical Punch really takes me back – against a more sophisticated adult flavor – salted caramel.

Marshmallow madness round 2

Kool-aid vs. caramel swirl

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Get your bracket ready, it’s March Madness! Or more appropriately, Marshmallow Madness. Instead of muffins every Monday, I’ll be doing pairs of marshmallows every week. To pick the lucky recipes, I wrote down all the ones from the book on slips of paper and drew names out of a hat.

Here’s what the fates decided. All in all, it’s a pretty great variety.

Key lime pie vs. buttered rum
Kool-Aid vs. caramel swirl
Pineapple rosemary vs. strawberry
Cookies & cream vs. margarita

So without further ado, round 1!

Marshmallow madness round 1

Buttered rum vs. key lime pie

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What’s Valentine’s Day without some chocolate, right?

Melted chocolate

Is there anything more beautiful than melted chocolate?

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So this weekend, I was hit with an intense desire for warm weather, the kind of gorgeous weather where you can frolic through fields of lavender and pretend you’re Julie Andrews.  But it’s still January and pretty gross out, so I made these lavender caramels, which are pretty much the next best thing.

I swear I could hear a chorus of nuns singing when I ate one of these. But those might’ve just been my taste buds.

Lavender Caramels

As always, the best part of caramel-making is the tedious process of wrapping each individual piece in wax paper. Halfway through, I considered hiring an intern.

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