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It’s Thanksgiving week! Probably one of my favorite weeks of the year. To kick it off and finally use the bag of cranberries I’d been saving in my freezer, I made these super easy pate de fruits, basically fruit jellies.

These aren’t anything like the canned stuff you’ll find in the supermarket – they’re vibrant, light, and full of that great tangy cranberry flavor. Cut these up into cute shapes and they’d make a great palate cleanser before dessert.

Cranberry Pate de Fruits

Delicious jellies with a beautiful glossy, fuchsia color

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Ohio has some pretty great things – Grandpa’s Cheese Barn, the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad, Meadowlark Restaurant, and Buckeyes. I’m not talking about the tree, or the football team, I’m talking about the candy. Buckeye candies aren’t anything extraordinary – they’re basically a Reese’s with more peanut butter – but they’re still pretty delicious and adorable.


Got some state pride up in here

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