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I’m a stress baker and a stress not-eater. This is a pretty great combination for people in my vicinity and because this week has been especially nuts, this means treats for my coworkers.

Awesome happenings this week include: kickoffs for new jobs, covering on a different brand, obscene amounts of client changes, and the lunatic woman on Pfizer’s regulatory team who likes to point out last minute changes on pieces that have already been released to print vendors. The joys of agency life.

Suffice to say a mid-week pick-me-up is in order.

Snickerdoodles are my go-to cookie to bake because I always have the ingredients on hand and they’re a cinch to whip up. They’re also my favorite cookie period.┬áThere’s something very homey and vintage and grandmotherly about them. And honestly, who could be stressed out with a snickerdoodle in hand?


Stress-erasing snickerdoodles

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