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If muffins are basically the breakfast equivalent of cupcakes, then the crumble is more or less the frosting. I feel like all muffins should have a crumble. Can we make this an official rule? No shirt, no shoes, no service. No cupcake without frosting. No muffin sans crumble.

Dried Papaya Muffins with Cashew Crumble

It’s all about the crumble, baby

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For round three, we’ve got a fruity mashup – strawberries against pineapple-rosemary. In retrospect, I wish I had added some basil to the strawberry mallows for a more exotic flavor, but oh well, shoulda coulda woulda.

With spring just around the corner (finally, am I right? I feel like this winter has been particularly Narnia-esque, before Aslan saved the day), I decided to roll these in pastel sanding sugar to give them a nice crunch. Like Peeps, except way, way better.

Marshmallow madness round 3

Strawberry vs. pineapple-rosemary

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My dad turned 50 this year, which is funny, because he sometimes acts like he’s 15. He is a total man-child, but not in the sense that he’s immature and gross and needy, but rather because he is adorable like an actual child even though he is really a grown man. He giggles – actually¬†giggles like a 5-year-old – a lot and it’s one of my favorite things about him.¬†

Given that it was the big 5-0, I wanted to make an extra special cake, but my dad, though he has a sweet tooth, isn’t crazy about super sweet cakes. I instantly thought of childhood trips to China and the amazingly light and barely sweet birthday cakes that they sell in bakeries over there. Cue Google, and this cake was born. It’s not exactly the same as the cakes I had in the homeland, but it’s similar and taste enough in its own right to warrant a spot on my list of favorites.

Birthday Cake

A delicious trio: fresh fruit, whipped cream, and cake

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