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I’ve clearly got summer on the brain, what with the mango muffins from two weeks ago and this week’s blueberry ones. What can I say? I’m a little sick of snow and negative temperatures. Windchill? More like wind, chill! I regret nothing – not these unseasonal muffins, and not that terrible pun.

That’s an Ikea baking mat and it’s bright pink and makes me happy

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As I was writing this post, I realized I have no idea where blueberries come from. Apparently, they grow on bushes! I don’t know why, but I was always under the impression that they grew in bogs. Like cranberries.

Sometimes, when I don’t know something, my brain just makes shit up and then I believe it, because if you can’t trust your own brain, who can you trust, am I right??

Here’s what you can trust – these bars

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It’s July.

Wait, what?

It’s July.

As usual, I have no idea how time works, other than that it goes by way too fast. One minute, it’s January, and the next, it’s the Fourth of July! The next time I blink it’ll be Thanksgiving.

But back to July. These red-white-blue muffins are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday, even if they turned out more pink-beige-aqua.

Fourth of July muffins

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Bring on the heat wave, summer’s finally here! To be honest though, I could really do with a few more months of spring seeing as how we went from freezing cold to unbearable heat with only about 2 weeks of real spring weather in between. Is Mars inhabitable yet? Where are our space colonies with perfectly controlled temperatures??

But back to the point – these muffins. Your kitchen will be sweltering but it’s totally worth it. So turn on your A/C (or crack open a window), try not to melt, and enjoy one (or an entire plateful) or these.

Lime-glazed mango muffins

Lime-glazed mango muffins

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Get your bracket ready, it’s March Madness! Or more appropriately, Marshmallow Madness. Instead of muffins every Monday, I’ll be doing pairs of marshmallows every week. To pick the lucky recipes, I wrote down all the ones from the book on slips of paper and drew names out of a hat.

Here’s what the fates decided. All in all, it’s a pretty great variety.

Key lime pie vs. buttered rum
Kool-Aid vs. caramel swirl
Pineapple rosemary vs. strawberry
Cookies & cream vs. margarita

So without further ado, round 1!

Marshmallow madness round 1

Buttered rum vs. key lime pie

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