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The first thing I baked in 2013 was this bread, and I promptly ate half of it. While I don’t make resolutions, I do plan to eat more carbs this year, so I’m certainly off to a good start. Here’s to a delicious 2013.

Olive Rosemary Bread

Fresh bread for the new year

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Hummus is ridiculously easy to make. So much so that it’s embarrassing how frequently I buy store-bought brands. I think it’s because store-bought brands don’t taste terrible, and in fact, actually taste pretty good for the most part. Sabra is definitely one of my favorites – their roasted pine nut hummus is the best. But I’m trying to make an effort to eat homemade as often as possible, which is where this recipe comes in.

Black Olive Hummus

Hummus, why don’t I make you more often??

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