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I’ve been baking as hobby for the past 15 years and I’ve just now made my first bread pudding. It’s kind of embarrassing, because bread pudding is one of those failproof, go-to desserts that most bakers keep in their arsenal, like a basic chocolate cake or sugar cookie. But I’ve actually got a pretty decent reason (excuse) for why it’s taken me this long to tackle this particular dessert – the thing is, I really, really love bread. If you set a loaf of bread in front of me, you should probably first hack off a couple slices for yourself, because no matter how large the loaf is, I am pretty much guaranteed to devour all of it. By myself. In one sitting. It’s like my hypothalamus (I’m so glad my four years of psychology didn’t go to waste) stops working whenever I’m around bread and I’ll just keep eating it until it’s gone. It’s rather impressive, really. On my resume, under Special Skills, it says able to consume an unlimited amount of baked yeasted dough. Come at me, recruiters!

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