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First pumpkin loaf of the year! And I’ve been waiting all year to make it.

Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin bread

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To say that I am indecisive would be an incredible understatement. I typically go through four outfits in the morning before I decide on what I want to wear (it’s usually the one I picked out first) and shopping is an all-day marathon. I spend as much time in the baking aisle poring over different types of flour as I do the cookbook aisle of a bookstore. It gets exponentially worse when it comes to baking. If I had spent half as much time studying when I was in college as I did researching recipes and planning menus, I would have graduated in two years with a 4.0.

This morning, my indecision reared its ugly head over a bag of almost black, perfect for baking bananas. Which is how I ended up with mini muffins, donuts, and loaves for breakfast. Because why bake just one thing when you can bake three tiny things?

Banana Bread Three Ways

Mini mini banana muffins, mini donuts, and mini loaves

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