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Whole Foods has this amazing goat cheese, cranberry, pecan salad that I’m obsessed with. It’s light but still decadent tasting – all sweet and savory and creamy. If it weren’t so overpriced, I would probably eat it all day, every day.

These muffins have all of those key ingredients I love with the added bonus of being enveloped in carbs. Why eat a salad when you could eat a muffin, am I right?

With a tender crumb like that, it’s hard to believe these are gluten-free

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In a fit of stress baking thanks to the longest and worst week so far of 2013 (and it’s just three weeks in, which does not bode well for the rest of the year), I turned my freshly made rosemary walnut butter into cookies. Which made the week a tiny, microscopic bit better. At the very least, baking them in the toaster oven at work gave the office some serious aromatherapy, which turned out to be instrumental in preventing me from actually exploding this week.

Rosemary Walnut Butter Cookies

When all else fails, cookies will always have your back

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I’m kind of over peanut butter. That’s right, I said it. Yes, it’s delicious, but I think I’m going to give it a rest for now and explore all the other options for nut butters – specifically walnuts.

Of all the nuts, I feel like walnuts kind of get shafted. Almonds are great for snacking, peanuts are for peanut butter, pecans are kind of fancy, and walnuts are kind of the middle child that everyone forgets about. They’re delicious and healthy in their own right, but I feel like they get overshadowed by all the other types of nuts out there.

Don’t worry, walnuts. love you. I love you so much I’ll toast you in the oven and grind you up into a paste. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. It’s funny how quickly sentiments can descend into serial killer territory.

Toasted Walnuts

Things are about to get seriously delicious up in here

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